The Ultimate Prom Venue Checklist

Your prom is meant to be the one night of the year that you and your classmates will never forget. This is why, when it comes to planning for your prom, you’ll want to make sure your prom venue ticks all the boxes ensuring you have an unforgettable prom night. 

Planning a prom can be overwhelming as there is so much to consider from selecting the perfect prom venue, prom catering, DJ, food and drinks, and so much more. But once you have established exactly your vision and what you want you and your guests to achieve out of their prom night, you will be able to narrow down exactly what to look for in a prom venue. 

5 Things to look for in a Prom Venue

1. Selecting a Local Perfect Prom Venue

The most important thing to consider when booking a school prom venue is that it is local and easily accessible for your guests, and be within easy reach to public transport links. An event venue that provides easy access for guests to arrive in limos or fancy cars is a must! 

Countryside prom venues such as our Bicester prom venue are always a popular choice. Bicester Hotel is in the perfect location allowing guests to create wonderful and photogenic photographs with compliments to the beautiful greenery setting the scene and capturing unforgettable memories of their special day.

2. Prom Catering

Typically you will find that many prom venues such as our Bicester Hotel venue will have to offer prom packages that include catering services for your guests to sit down and enjoy a meal and a few drinks. This gives students the option to sit down, speak to other guests before partying the night away. 

It is always a nice touch to find out whether your prom venue has to offer a complimentary welcome drink for your guests to have on arrival, whether it is a mocktail or fizzy soft drink. A bar area is also highly important when looking for a prom venue as it is an area where friends and family can gather to admire the beautiful dresses and prom venue. 

3. Prom Music and Entertainment 

Entertaining your guests is one of the key aspects to pulling off an unforgettable prom night. Whether you choose to hire a DJ, a band, or a dance floor, it is important to find out whether your prom venue can accommodate this. 

Many hotel venues such as Bicester Hotel have the facility and the capacity to accommodate prom entertainment as it gathers individuals together creating memories singing and dancing along to cheesy music whilst capturing magical moments that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

4. Prom Packages

Prom packages play an important role in helping you save money for your school or college whilst ensuring you have ticked all the boxes within your prom planning. Many prom venues have to offer prom packages that provide a variety of catering options, entertainment and the venue itself is adapted to the capacity you require.

Prom packages are not only significant money and time-saving option, but they also help to save the hassle and stress that comes with planning a prom. Often locating the prom venue can be a difficult task in itself, let alone ensuring you have pulled out all the stops and have booked in with the best caterers and DJs.

5. Prom Styles and Themes

Once you have established whether your prom follows a theme or not, it should be easy to locate the prom venue. Whether you choose to host your prom outside in the sunshine, can your prom venue provide countryside grounds for your guests to enjoy whilst soaking up the sun? or are you looking to host a masquerade ball theme for your prom, can the prom venue accommodate for a red carpet? 

Each type of celebration or prom event has different needs meaning the venue for hire will need to be able to accommodate it. You can easily find out whether your venue is suitable for your style of event, whether they have accommodated for it in the past, or whether the venue’s furnishings follow the same style as your event, whether it is luxurious, or rustic.  

Time to Book your Prom Venue!

Once you have ticked all the boxes for your prom venue ensuring your prom is going to be as unforgettable for your guests as can be, it’s time to search around and view a few local prom venues. Once you have located your local prom venue the rest is history! Take the time to relax, enjoy, and leave all of the stress and hassle to the events team at your venue. 

Prom Venue at Bicester Hotel

Bicester Hotel is the perfect prom venue at Bicester Hotel, with a variety of prom packages to suit all of your guests, including delicious food and beverage options, memorable entertainment and stunning views of Bicester with access to the roof terrace overlooking the wonderful golf course, the ideal venue for creating perfect photographs making that special end of school celebration an occasion to remember!

If you would like to find out more information regarding our luxurious prom venue in Bicester for your school or college, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Our hotel venue in Bicester can accommodate a wedding venue, birthday party venue, Christmas party venue, or a function room for private dining and corporate events.

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