Team Building Activities for a Small Team

No matter how small or large your team may be, there is always room for team-building activities. Team building activities have become an essential part of the way that businesses operate to encourage productive learning, boost morale and enhance the relationships between colleagues.

Whether you are looking to host on-site team-building activities for your small team or go off-site and visit a team-building venue such as Bicester Hotel, there are plenty of options available suited to the size of your team. Team building games for small groups help to encourage intimacy, contribution, highlight the potential skills of team members and improve company culture.

Team Building Activities that Boost Morale

When it comes to choosing the best team building activities for your small or large group it’s important to take into account your team’s interests and activities that they are likely to participate in. The more interactive and enjoyable your team-building activities are, the most likely your team will work harder to achieve their full potential.

So, if you were after some fun team building activities for small groups to help build team bonds and to help boost morale, read on!

1. Assault Course

Assault courses are one of the most popular team-building activities for small teams to challenge themselves whilst enhancing their critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills. Many team-building venues such as Bicester Hotel will have to offer a large outdoor space suitable for assault courses with the correct equipment. No matter how small or large your team this team-building activity is perfect for small teams as it encourages physical activity in a new exciting environment.

2. Raft Building

If you are looking to see if your team will work well under pressure then this is the perfect team-building activity for small teams! Raft building requires teams to group into two teams to build a raft strong enough to race against other teams to the finish line. This team-building activity not only promotes healthy competition but also helps to improve creative thinking, strengthens communication skills and builds trust and team bonding. It’s also a great opportunity for a team member to build their leadership skills. After all, someone will need to take charge to make sure the raft gets built!

Our team-building venue at Bicester Hotel is the perfect place to host your raft-building activity. Our venue boasts our 200m open water swimming lake ideal for water-based team-building activities such as Paddleboarding and raft building.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are the perfect opportunity for smaller teams to work together as a group learning more about the working environment and the company they work for. The main objective is for teams to complete a number of tasks limited to time. To make your scavenger hunt extra fun come up with creative ideas that will have your team thinking outside the box.

Scavenger hunts not only promote creativity but also are an inexpensive team-building activity! If you are looking to enhance the bonds within your small team as well as their problem-solving skills then this is the ideal team-building activity for your small team.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a quick team-building activity for small teams to use to finish meetings, as an icebreaker, or even to introduce new team members. This activity works by asking an employee to state 2-3 facts about themselves, one being a lie. The rest of the team will then have to figure out which fact is a lie. This team-building activity is designed for teams to get a better understanding of their peers by learning about their interests, relationships and abilities.

5. Host a Trivia Afternoon

Hosting an office trivia afternoon is a great way to grasp the attention of your peers and encourage them to engage in a number of educational questions. Peers can work together against other teams in a battle to be the quiz champions, this team-building exercise not only requires teamwork but also encourages healthy competition and is completely customisable!

If you want to educate your employees and make learning more fun then this activity is perfect! This way employees can not only work together enhancing their relationships with their peers but it is an opportunity to learn from one another.

6. Paddleboarding

If you were looking for more water-based team building exercises then paddleboarding is a fun-filled team building activity to try. Once the group members have mastered balancing on the paddleboard, you can start to incorporate games such as group tag or teams can throw a ball to each other without falling in! These fun games help to build team collaboration and the extra threat of getting wet adds an extra element of fun!

Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa has a 200-metre open water lake which is perfect for paddleboarding. You can hire all the equipment you need for your team-building paddleboarding session, so you don’t need to bring a thing!

Small Team Building Venue, Bicester Hotel

To ensure your team-building day goes to plan, we recommend hosting your event at a team-building venue such as Bicester Hotel. Using a small team-building venue helps to ease the pressure of planning your corporate event without having to consider catering facilities or planning a set schedule.

Bicester Hotel, Team Building Venue

Bicester Hotel is the perfect team-building venue to host your upcoming team building event. Our team are experienced in developing exciting team-building activities for small or large teams with an abundance of outdoor space at our performance centre with fun activities offering shared experiences.

We work with a local company offering tailor-made packages to suit any sized business event. Whether you are looking for water-based activities, assault courses or boot camps, we can accommodate.

To book team-building activities for your team at Bicester Hotel or to find out more regarding the activities we have to offer, please get in touch.

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