How to plan a last-minute wedding

Weddings can be a stressful time and often take years of preparation. There is a lot to think about, from venue selection and decoration to caterers and guest invitations. Organising a last-minute wedding might seem daunting when considering everything you have to do, but with the right approach and a few efficient strategies, you can create a beautiful and memorable celebration that you’ll remember for years to come… without all the prolonged stress! 

Here are a few tips on how to plan a last-minute wedding:

1. Set priorities

Sit down with your partner and decide what are your top wedding priorities before beginning the planning process. Think about what’s important to you both and what you should prioritise, whether it’s the venue, food, entertainment, or décor. This will help you allocate your time and resources more effectively to cover the most important aspects of your big day.

2. Secure a venue

It can be difficult to find a venue on short notice, but it is not impossible. Consider unconventional options such as local parks, gardens, or even your own garden! Look for venues that offer all-inclusive packages to streamline the planning process. Be flexible with your wedding date and consider weekdays or off-peak times as venues may have more availability.

3. Arrange catering services

Seek out caterers who provide flexible menus or who specialise in last-minute events when it comes to food. It may be cheaper to choose alternatives like food trucks, buffet-style service, or family-style eating over sit-down plated meals. Remember to find out if there are any dietary requirements or preferences from your guests so that everyone is catered for.

4. Book entertainment

Local bands, DJs, or musicians might be available at short notice. Ask people in your network for recommendations, or look out for great local performers online. Negotiate pricing and be upfront about your timeline to secure the best deal possible.

Or, if you’re struggling to find entertainment, you could always simply hire a PA system and get your guests to contribute to your own unique wedding playlist! Better check through it first before though in case anyone has added a clanger! 

5. Manage guest invitations

If you don’t have much time, use electronic invitations instead of conventional paper ones to invite people. Utilise social media or websites that assist with wedding preparation to generate digital invites and effectively handle RSVPs – withjoy is a great service that makes guest invitations nice and easy. 

Using electronic services not only saves you lots of time writing out invitations and dealing with RSVPs, it can save you lots of money on paper and stamps. 

6. Incorporate budget-friendly ideas

To help keep costs down, consider making your own décor, reusing things you already have, or borrowing decorations from friends and relatives. Choose seasonal flowers or foliage for bouquets and centrepieces, and replace the expensive wedding cake with desserts like cupcakes or a sweet cart. Thinking outside the box for things like this will be a great way to not only save some money but will be quicker than arranging the cake!

7. Streamline the planning process

Stay organised and on top of your wedding planning tasks by using wedding planning apps or online checklists. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to trusted friends and family members to help with last-minute arrangements and errands. Stay focused on your priorities and be prepared to make quick decisions to keep the planning process moving forward.

8. Stay flexible and positive

Organising a wedding can be a stressful experience, even if it isn’t last minute. So try to be as flexible as possible when arranging your last-minute wedding to help keep the stress levels down and try to stay positive! 

The main thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and remember that nothing will be 100% perfect! Remember the love you share with your partner and how special your day will be celebrating with friends. So have fun, get planning, and enjoy yourselves! 

Last-minute wedding offers at Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa

At Bicester Hotel, we have a last-minute wedding offer for 2024 where our prices for a weekend wedding are the same as a mid-week wedding. So, no more worrying about saving money by holding your wedding midweek! 

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