How to use a Driving Range to Improve your Golf Game

If you are looking to visit your local driving range for a bit of practice, then we are here to help with all the best tips and tricks on how to improve your golfing skills. Often, many golfers will use a driving range for practice sessions without any goal or strategy set in place, yet to enhance your golfing skills we would recommend setting a clear purpose of what you would like to achieve from a driving range. 

In this golfers guide, we will be explaining how to use a driving range to improve your golfing skills whilst diving into the most important skills and techniques you need to become a golf professional. 

How to Enhance your Golfing Skills at a Driving Range

Set your Goals 

Before visiting a driving range, make sure to set yourself a few goals before your session. Setting yourself goals will soon help to enhance your golfing skills and make the most out of your session. Whether you are looking to improve your distance control, slice or make good contact with the ball, your visit needs to have a purpose in order for you to improve.

Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Choosing the right golf club is key to improving your golfing skills, whether it’s practising your golf swing with a pitching wedge in order to get those all-important approach shots dialled in or trying to get the right ball flight with a driver, using different golf clubs at the driving range will help translate this onto the course. 

The right golf club can have an effect on the way you play and can improve your handicap. There are many golf clubs available, such as irons, woods, hybrids and drivers, so depending on your ability you might want to chat with a professional to get the best set of clubs most suited to your capability and physical characteristics. 

Learn the Basics 

One of the main advantages of using a driving range is that there a great place to allow you to master all of the basic golfing skills. Driving ranges offer a great number of facilities and features that allow you to master some great golf skills to help you become a professional, it’s also very easy to let all of the simple techniques slip. A few important techniques to improve when practising at a driving range are your stance, positioning, grip and ball position, which can all have a huge effect on the overall performance of your golf. 

Heading to the driving range with an array of golfing aids such as alignment sticks, a cameraman or even a friend can help to point out some tips that will greatly improve the basic movements of a golf swing.

Master your Swing

There’s a lot to consider when practising at a driving range, one thing being your swing. Once you have mastered your swing on the driving range, you will have a better chance of scoring your best round on the course. 

To ensure your shot is accurate we would recommend learning the correct techniques from a golfing instructor or an experienced player. We would also recommend having a pre-shot routine to focus on transitioning from the previous shot to the current shot. After all, a poor swing technique can have a huge effect on the performance of your golf, a bad technique can lead to a shot that is way off the line.

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How many Golf Balls? 

Many golf coaches will recommend that you use between 50 to 60 golf balls for general practice. Using too many golf balls can lead to you feeling unfocused on the area that you are looking to improve. Focusing on each shot will encourage you to assess your technique without continuously loading up another ball.

How to use a Driving Range to Improve your Golf

  1. Set your goals
  2. Choose the right golf clubs
  3. Learn the basics
  4. Master your swing
  5. Don’t use too many golf balls

So, do Driving Ranges Improve Golf?

Once you have a solid strategy set in place, you can begin to make the most out of your visit to the driving range in order to enhance your golfing skills. Just remember, to improve your golfing skills make sure you go to the driving range with a purpose and think about what you are looking to achieve. To further your golfing skills, you could also consider taking up golf lessons and seeking professional advice from a golf expert.

Bicester Driving Range

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To further your golfing skills, Bicester Golf Club offers one-to-one or group tuition classes with a Head P.G.A Professional to help you improve your game. 

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