5 Winter Team Building Activities

If you have noticed that your employee’s productivity levels are lower in the winter months then you may want to introduce winter team-building activities to your team. Winter team-building activities are a fantastic solution to improve productivity levels and boost employee engagement of your team whilst improving their communication levels through a number of engaging and interactive activities. 

Winter team-building activities offer the chance for your employees to get away from their everyday work desks and engage with their peers in a new working environment. If your team are currently working remotely, or are beginning to feel burnt out, then there are plenty of options available to boost team morale through a series of fun and engaging team bonding activities in the cold winter months. 

5 Engaging Winter Team Building Ideas 

Our team at Bicester Hotel have seen it all! We are experienced in hosting a wide variety of team-building activities and have pulled together just a few winter team-building ideas that we think you will love!

Host a Charity Event

What better way to gather your team members together than by hosting a charity event? Charity events offer the chance for employees to open up to their peers and give back to a much-loved charity. An article written by the ‘Goodnet’ explained the scientific facts about the benefit of doing good and how it decreases stress and makes people feel good! Creating a positive working environment increases employee happiness and improves the growth mindset. 

At Bicester Hotel we welcome the chance for you to host your charity event at our event space. We offer a number of fantastic facilities that can cater to the needs of your event. With delicious catering options, comfortable accommodation and beautiful countryside grounds, we can accommodate. 

Host a Fitness Class!

It can be easy to fall out of routine in the winter, the darker mornings and miserable weather can easily lead to employees feeling slump and lacking energy. Yet hosting a regular fitness class at your local fitness centre is a great way to up the energy levels of your team. 

This is a great winter team-building activity that can be taken indoors by hosting indoor tennis classes, gym sessions or spin classes to improve your team’s mental and physical health. Fitness centres such as Bicester Gym offer the chance for you to invite your team into our state-of-the-art Gym to increase the energy levels of your team by utilising our Matrix equipment.

Solve an Inside Escape Room 

The great thing about this winter team-building activity is that it can be hosted anywhere! If you receive miserable weather on the day of your team building event then you know the activity you have chosen won’t be affected. Another huge benefit of hosting an escape room is that it can be completed in the comfort of your own office space.

Escape rooms are an engaging winter team-building activity designed for employees to develop their trust and teamwork skills. Escape rooms are a chance for people to put their minds to the test by piecing together clues to solve the puzzle. This is also a great chance to highlight the talents of your team whilst improving their communication skills. 

Virtual Trivia 

Fortunately, winter team-building activities do not all require employees to meet in person. Virtual trivia ensures you don’t struggle by gathering your remote working team together throughout the winter months and allows you to host a team-building activity in the comfort of your own home, office or remote working space. 

This virtual team-building activity requires your team to split into groups to test their knowledge whilst working through a number of trivia questions. If you are really looking to put your employee’s minds to the test you can include questions into your team-building activity based on the industry of your business’s sector.

Book a Go Karting Experience

If your team are adrenaline thrill seekers then this is the perfect winter team-building activity for you. Go-karting experiences are a chance for employees to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy healthy competition to challenge teams with a unique experience in motorsport.  

This indoor team-building activity not only helps to challenge peers in a new thrilling environment but also enhances staff motivation and increases communication skills.  

5 Winter Team Building Activities

  1. Host a Charity Event
  2. Host a Fitness Class
  3. Solve an Inside Escape Room
  4. Virtual Trivia
  5. Book a Go Karting Experience

Let the Winter Begin with our Team Building Activities

There are plenty of winter team-building activities that you and your team can enjoy throughout the colder season. From go-karting, trivia, murder mystery day, escape rooms and many more, you can be sure to reap the benefits of team-building activities for your staff at any time of the year. 

How you intend to plan your winter team-building activities all depends on the goals you are looking to achieve and the size and budget of your company. Our winter team-building ideas are designed to improve your company culture and employee retention in a fun yet challenging environment.

Plan your Winter Team Building Activities at Bicester Hotel 

At Bicester Hotel we welcome the chance for you to host your team-building activities at our venue all year round. We offer an abundance of outdoor space accommodating your team in the summer with water-based team-building activities such as raft building, paddleboarding and an assault course as well as a meetings and events space for indoor team-building activities

You can add exciting team-building activities to your corporate meeting or AGM to provide your team with an unforgettable experience in the winter whilst developing your company’s teamwork, communication, cooperation and stress levels. 

To find out more information regarding our winter team-building activities and packages at Bicester Hotel then please get in touch, and a member of our events team will be happy to help.

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